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As my first blog post I wanted to write about our adventure to the Musuem of Ice Cream down in Miami, Florida on sunny South Beach. 

I first heard about this art installation at the beginning of the year while I was in Los Angeles. I tried to get a ticket to visit but they had been sold out for weeks. Luckily I found out a few months ago that the museum was on it's way to Miami. I set my alarm for opening day and proceeded to buy a ticket with my friend Yessy Rivera.

This place is a photographers dream <3 the first room you go into has an sample of vanilla ice cream for everyone to try. I used this opportunity to try to grab some candid pictures of people hanging out.

This is the same room just a different corner :) there are so many good little spots to photograph in. And I could take pictures of her all day, she's amazing.

We utilized as much space as humanly possible. The whole place is one well put together photography set. I do advise bringing on camera flash. Some of the rooms are dark and most have a yellow tint.

I mean every space possible. Even the stairwells are stunning.

Seriously, check out that majestic stairwell.

This room was really cute, it featured frozen bananas on a stick that you could walk around with and two fruit themed swings. It also had this little room in the corner that you could duck into. We dipped in and switched clothes real quick and kept shooting.

After leaving this piece we trekked onwards to the next room where, on the way, we found yet another beautiful stairwell.

The nooks and crannies here are endless. Just make sure you stay respectful of other guests if you're shooting.

Last room of course was the coveted sprinkle pool room. You get about 30 good seconds of being a five year old in a pool full of sprinkles, it's pretty wonderful.  All in all this was an awesome experience that ended up being well worth the wait. 

If you want to check this place out for yourself head to their website at

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